Sarajevo – Bosnia & Herzegovina

Outreach Details

This team will fly into Sarajevo where you’ll be met by the hosts to drive the short journey to your accommodation, most likely houses of local believers or missionaries. 

During your time in Sarajevo, you’ll be working with the wonderful Robert and Sandrina (from the US and Netherlands) who have been planting churches across the city for decades. Their story is inspiring and their ministry is quickly gaining momentum. You’ll be serving out of their community centre called Nojeva Barka (“Noah’s Ark”) in an area of the city called Dobrinja. Time to get out the face paints and modelling balloons! You will also have the opportunity to host “Let’s Speak English” nights where you will build relationships with local youth and help them to practice their English skills. On the Sunday you are there, you will get to participate in a church service where, as a team, you will lead worship and share testimonies. You’ll have a chance to inspire the people you meet with the hope of the Lord and be challenged to hear God’s voice as you encourage and bless the local believers and missionaries.

Facts About Bosnia & Herzegovina

Population: About 3.5 million
Official languages: None, but Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian are the most commonly spoken
Capital City: Sarajevo
Bordered by: Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, and the Adriatic Sea
Interesting facts: Holds the title for the nation with the world’s tallest people (on average).

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a bicameral legislature and a three-member Presidency composed of a member of each major ethnic group.