Medgidia – Romania

Outreach Details

The Romania team will fly into Bucharest before getting a maxi taxi (like a taxi bus) to Medgidia. There you’ll stay at the Stepping Stones centre which is perfectly designed for hosting teams with dorm rooms and lots of showers! There may be other missions teams at the centre while you are there which you will get to meet and interact with.
Each day the team will be divided into smaller groups and sent out to different Roma villages to run clubs and activities for the children. In addition, you’ll help out with the feeding program and other activities at the centre where you’ll be staying. 
Each day you’ll have your meals in the Bethlehem church, a short walk away, cooked for you by some wonderful locals, although there are delicious fruit and vegetable markets and a doughnut stall just a few minutes walk away from ‘home’. 

Facts About Romania

Population: 19.94 million
Official language: Romanian
Capital City: Bucharest, is also the sixth largest city in the EU (member since 2007)
Currency: Romanian leu
Bordered by: Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, Moldova, and the Black Sea
Interesting fact: The Carpathian Mountains, with their tallest peak Moldoveanu at 2,544 m (8,346 ft), cross Romania from the north to the southwest.